Obsolete Capacitors

Written by Seth Cotterell
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There are many types of capacitors and each is intended for use in different applications. Some are ideal for high frequency components, while others can not be used in analog circuits. Some of the different types of capacitors are electrolytic, ceramic, polystyrene, polyester film, mica, polypropylene, and tantalum, just to name a few. Some of these are polarized, others are not, and each has its own specifications and ideal uses that need to be accounted for before purchase and installation.

Because there are so many different types of capacitors and because capacitor technology is always improving and changing, there are extremely large supplies of obsolete and discontinued capacitors that can be used as repair or replacement parts. Obsolete capacitors have all the necessary capabilities to function in most electronic equipment, and their cost is significantly lower than new capacitors.

Independent Distributors of Obsolete Capacitors

Independent distributors of electronic parts and components are a great source for obsolete capacitors and other electronics. Independent distributors act as inventory buyers. They purchase unused, excess inventories of capacitors and other gear that is then sold to customers for bargain prices, typically on the Internet. The larger distributors have literally millions of capacitors and other components for sale on their websites. Even hard-to-find items can easily be purchased from online distributors.

Good online distributors know that parts must be used properly to avoid damage to systems and possibly injuries, so they employ sales staffs that help consumers find the right components. A friendly, professional sales associate will answer questions and provide price quotes to customers. A commitment to customer service is a sign of a good distributor.

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