Obsolete Diodes

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Obsolete diodes are difficult to find, as are some military spec electronics. Science moves so quickly through this technological age, it is difficult to keep up. It is quite common for even complex and expensive computer systems to become obsolete within months of purchase. The ability to replace and repair expensive equipment, like obsolete diodes, is crucial for a company, individual, or organization to be as cost effective as possible. There's nothing worse than investing in some expensive piece of equipment, only to have it break down five years later and be unable to perform simple repairs due to the parts for it being out of production.

Obsolete Diodes as Semiconductors

Diodes are semiconductor devices. Diodes are used to convert AC into DC, or alternating currents into direct currents. Obsolete diodes can consist of a simple vacuum tube. It is used in lager, more complicated, integrated circuits. These are designed to direct electricity through systems.

The diode is an electronic component with two terminals. That's why it's called a "diode." Di means two. Electricity only flows one way through the diode. It will damage the diode if it is forced the wrong way.


Diodes known as LEDs emit light. When electricity flows through the device, light is emitted. You've seen this on things like stereos or on your computer. Most little lights that you see on a device to intimate that it is on, working, or receiving some kind of signal use LEDs.

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