Obsolete Integrated Circuits

Written by Michael O'Brien
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When talking about obsolete integrated circuits, it's important to understand what an integrated circuit is in the first place. We've all heard of computer chips. Most people, however, have never really thought about what a computer chip is. Basically, a computer chip is another word for integrated circuits. Now that we know that, let's take a look at what they do, and how obsolete integrated circuits get that way.

The Purpose of Integrated Circuits

An integrated circuit is a semi-conductor based component. This means it conducts only a small amount of the electricity going through it. This is important because such components are usually more delicate and perform more complex functions. Remember that the whole purpose of electronic components like resistors and transistors is to control and restrict power flow so that all components that may have differing power consumption needs can get the electricity they need without getting too much and being overloaded.

Integrated circuits are usually very, very small, hence their need for less power. They are designed to perform a variety of functions in devices like computers, radios, or television sets. Without going into the specifics of what they do (that information could fill a book), the important thing to keep in mind is that these integrated circuits form the foundation for all of the various complex functions a device like a computer must perform. (Data transfer, processing speed, etc.)

Obsolete Integrated Circuits: Older Standards

The technology behind integrated circuits advances by leaps and bounds almost on a daily basis. Even a computer manufactured a few years ago may already have obsolete integrated circuits. This can make repairing such devices difficult.

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