Obsolete Semiconductors

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Obsolete semiconductors are hard to find. Obsolete semiconductors are that way for a reason. They are no longer used in the construction of computers and electronic devices made today. This doesn't mean, however, that such semiconductors are not still in use in other ways. Some people are still using computers and television sets made five or ten years ago.

The Need for Obsolete Semiconductors and Other Electronic Components

Today, if something is broken, you just buy a new one. The consumer market is actually geared to cater to this mentality. Companies make more money by forcing people to buy new things rather than giving them the ability to simply repair electronic devices that have one or two components that have worn out.

This consumer philosophy is perpetuated by the fact that the functionality of most consumer electronics is advancing so quickly. A computer made ten years ago simply cannot do what a computer made today can. For some people, however, an older computer may have worked fine all this time and is perfect for their needs. These people shouldn't be forced to buy a new computer just because some small part of their old one has worn out and is obsolete.

Many companies understand this and cater to such a market by specializing in selling obsolete semiconductors, memory modules, transistors, and any other vital components needed to repair an older machine. Individuals and companies need not succumb to the philosophy of newer being better. No matter how old it may be, if something that works isn't broken, don't fix it. If it does get broken, it's nice to know it can be fixed.

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