Obsolete Transistors

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Obsolete transistors are required components in older electronic devices. The problem is that even something as little as two years old can have obsolete transistors. Technology advances so quickly that it isn't difficult for even slightly old electronic components to be left behind when it comes to supply and replacement. Many companies realize this, however, and are set up to alleviate the problem.

Finding Obsolete Transistors

The fact that the replacement of obsolete transistors is so difficult can really be a potential problem for the average consumer, and for a lot of businesses. People and companies shouldn't be forced to buy new computers when the old ones wear out. Computer repair businesses should also be given the ability to find the replacements parts they need to do their job.

Unfortunately, going to the source is often not an option. A company that made a particular electronic device is not necessarily going to carry the replacement parts needed for something they manufactured a few years ago that have become obsolete. Newer machines don't use that part, so they don't need it and no longer order it. It's just not cost effective for them to do so, or to even keep such components in supply.

What often happens is that these companies will try to make extra money by selling surplus obsolete components that they no longer need to other companies that specialize in selling such obsolete electronic parts and components. These companies understand the fact that there is a huge market for older electronic parts. Sometimes, people just want to have their five year old computer fixed. They don't want to be forced to buy something new when it isn't necessary. Now they don't have to.

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