Pcb Glossary

Written by Adam Blau
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When it comes to the world of electronics, there is an overabundance of jargon. The sheer amount of unique words and terms can be overwhelming to a novice. With the aid of informational books and websites, some of the terminology can be more easily parsed and comprehended.

PCBs and Terminology

Even those people who have a working knowledge of electronics may be surprised at the amount of terms unique to the world of printed circuit boards (PCBs). While many people are familiar with onboard components like transistors and resistors, the ins and outs of board layers, clearances and solder masks may remain a mystery. PCB creation is truly its own unique, detailed field.

One good place to learn about words and terms related to circuit boards is the homepage of a PCB fabrication company. Some of these companies go into phenomenal detail about the various terms used in creating a circuit board. Whether you have a question about board routing or about drill-hole sizes, these PCB fabrication websites are an excellent resource.

Or course, the best way to learn about printed circuit boards is by creating one yourself. There are pre-fabricated kits that can walk you through the process of creating a functional circuit board. Once you have created your own board, you will undoubtedly better understand the process by which boards are made.

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