Pcb Solutions

Written by Adam Blau
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If you have a small electronics manufacturing business, chances are you will need to find a quality solution for your printed circuit boards (PCBs). For most small companies that manufacture electronics devices, the circuit boards can prove to be the most difficult, expensive or time-consuming to produce independently. This phenomenon rears its ugly head particularly in the area of development, where the hand-creation of multiple iterations of boards can prove prohibitively time-consuming.

Quality PCB Solutions

Thankfully, a new crop of independent PCB manufacturing companies has popped up online. It is now possible to design a printed circuit board using your own CAD (computer-aided design) software and export it to a PCB supplier. The PCB supplier will then use its high-end machinery to configure a quality circuit board to your specifications.

For the developer, this means that it is possible to create machine-accurate prototype boards in a short amount of time, for relatively little money. No longer are prototypes relegated to hand-designed boards or breadboards. Instead, individual PCBs can be created, complete with silk-screened labeling, solder resist and supreme accuracy.

For small electronics companies, this provides a new way of creating smaller amounts of circuit boards in individual batches. Gone are the days when you needed to order a hefty minimum of boards in advance. Now, it is possible to order PCBs as you need them, eliminating the need for a massive outlay of cash.

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