Pcb Suppliers

Written by Adam Blau
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As design and manufacturing tools have advanced over the years, more and more suppliers of printed circuit boards (PCBs) have popped up in the marketplace. Computer-aided design (CAD) applications have put the tools of PCB design in the hands of everyone with a trackball and a flair for electronics. Similarly, a number of companies have joined the production end of the spectrum, allowing users to send over CAD files and receive an actual, functional 3-dimensional circuit board in their hands weeks or even days later.

If you are in the market for a customized PCB, then, how can you distinguish between the different circuit board suppliers? A circuit board is a circuit board, right? If it has holes and places to connect electronic components, it'll do the job, right?

The obvious answer is, of course, no. Printed circuit boards are delicately fashioned and carefully constructed items. The slightest slip-up could short out an entire board, rendering it useless. When searching for a company to construct your PCBs, make sure you use one that uses top-quality materials. You should also ensure that they conform to industry standards, in terms of thickness, weight, and any other variables that may affect the performance and stamina of the board.

Service with a Smile

In this business, it is also vital that you hire a company that has excellent customer service. If a board is faulty (it happens) and needs to be replaced, what is the guarantee policy? How responsive is the customer service department? How flexible is the ordering process? Are there discounts for larger orders? It is likely that at some point, you will need to cross paths with the service end of a PCB manufacturing company. By assuring yourself that they are up to snuff, you can make your PCB ordering experience considerably easier.

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