Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Written by Adam Blau
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Both amateur and professional designers of electronic equipment have a valuable new set of services at their fingertips. Companies now exist that will take their design files and create small quantities of high-quality prototype circuit boards from them. No longer are designers relegated to prototyping by hand or with breadboards (or ordering massive amounts of prototype boards).

Electronics designers owe this innovation to the great strides that have been accomplished in computer-aided design (CAD) software and its related mechanisms. By importing the user's design files into its system, the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing company can quickly and easily reconfigure its systems. This ease makes the finished PCBs affordable for the user, even when produced in small quantities.

Beyond PCB Assembly Services

Some PCB manufacturing services go beyond simply creating the circuit board itself. There are some companies that even provide a stencil system that can aid in the connection of components to the individual boards. Such a system ensures neat, precise connections, eliminating the need for hand-soldering.

Essentially, a stencil of a board is created that will effectively attach the parts to the PCB with a solder-type substance. This substance is placed at only the necessary junctures, ensuring a dearth of solder bridges and short circuits. Once the components are placed in the board (and are contacting the solder substance), the board is heated, the solder melts, and the PCB is complete.

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