Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturers

Written by Adam Blau
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You've made a detailed design of a circuit board using a computer-aided design program. You've purchased the individual components that are to be soldered on the board's surface. You've even started fashioning a case for your final electronics device, upon which switches, knobs, LEDs and other interface items will go.

Now how do you go about constructing the actual circuit board upon which to mount your project? Simple circuit boards can be created by hand using a raw circuit board, an etch resistant paint, a drill and a chemical etch. For complex circuitry, or even for simpler single-sided printed circuit boards (PCB), it is often necessary to enlist the assistance of a PCB manufacturer.

PCB Manufacturing Companies

Even if your circuit is relatively simple, the speed and accuracy of a PCB manufacturer can be well worth the cost. Circuit fabrication by hand is more of an art than a science, and there is ample room for mistakes. With a machine-manufactured PCB, however, it is possible to attain clean, stellar, accurate results with incredible ease.

To create a single-sided PCB, for example, you only need to send a company a CAD file with the specifications of your circuit. From there, the company will take your specs and construct a durable, industry-grade PCB for a relatively small price. The design and construction technologies have evolved enough that such an undertaking can be performed quickly and with remarkable ease.

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