Antique Time Recorder Clocks

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Antique time recorder clocks are popular collector's items today. Many can even be found on display in their own sections of several clock museums located in the United States and England. Collectors avidly seek out vintage time recorders in order to restore and display them. In many cases, the restoration and resale of antique time clocks can even be quite profitable.

Antique time clocks are remnants of the industrial revolution, when the devices first started to appear. The industrial revolution made it possible for a business to employ hundreds, or even thousands of workers. As a result, a new method was needed to keep track of the hours worked by each employee. In order to facilitate the employee payment process, employers sought out a way to not only record, but also quickly tally each worker's hours, making sure that no funds were lost along the way. Two companies, Howard Bros, and British Bundy Clock Co. introduced the first time recorder clocks just before the turn of the century.

History of Antique Time Clocks

The first time clocks were mechanical devices used to meet the simple needs of employers at the time. The clocks were constructed to record the times when an employee arrived and left each day. This was done by equipping the clock with a mechanism that would stamp the correct time on a card as it was inserted into the machine. These devices made it possible for a payroll department to tabulate every worker's hours, and quickly dispense payment. They also helped to alleviate much of the miscalculation and error that had occurred with less efficient methods of time tracking.

Although the capabilities of antique time recorders were simple, they met the demands of many businesses for nearly a century. However, in modern times, many organizations require more than simple attendance tracking from their time recording systems. New devices and systems are used to do everything from draft efficient work schedules, to determine overtime and benefits eligibility. Remote time tracking systems, such as internet based time recording software, even helps employees who are working outside of the office to provide an accurate record of their hours.

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