Big Screen Tvs

Written by Charles Peacock
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I'll never forget the first big screen TV that I ever saw: It was a projection model that consisted of a roll-up screen and a massive projection unit that sat in the middle of the room (and also served as a coffee table). Big screen TVs have come a long way since those days, both in terms of size and picture quality. While plasma and LCD screens have begun to revolutionize the market, however, there is still a place for projection models.

Most projection TVs today are actually rear-projection models. This means that the projection lights are mounted inside the unit and they project onto the back of the screen. And unlike old projection TV models (which used three projection lights: red, blue and green) the newer models have a much more sophisticated set of light projectors that are able to produce even high-definition pictures.

Other Popular Types of Big Screen TVs

In terms of picture quality, high definition tube televisions are arguably the best. The downside of traditional tube sets is that they are extremely heavy and they are limited in size. If you're looking for something over 40 inches, you might want to consider your other options.

Plasma and LCD sets have recently made headway into the TV market, and their prices are dropping every day. They are similar in picture quality, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. LCD sets have slightly better picture quality, but they are also limited in size. For a truly enormous flat screen TV, plasma is your best bet.

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