Buy A Laptop

Written by Charles Peacock
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Laptop computers have been around for a long time, but they've rarely been as powerful (and inexpensive) as their desktop counterparts. For this reason, most home and office computer users have stuck with traditional desktop models. Laptops were usually reserved for people who absolutely needed a totally portable computer.

In the last few years, laptops have increased in power and decreased (sometimes drastically) in price. It's now possible to get a portable computer that does exactly what your desktop can do for a comparable price. It's always going to cost a bit more to buy a laptop (since the smaller components are more expensive to produce), but sometimes the tradeoff can really be worth it.

Wireless Internet for Laptops

The advent of widespread wireless internet technology has really changed the way we look at laptops. Being able to connect wirelessly to the Internet gives you the freedom to bring your computer anywhere you want in your house: the bedroom, the basement, even the back yard. Every room can now be your office--you don't even need a power cord.

As wireless hotspots pop up in coffee shops and businesses around the country, laptops will become even more popular. University students can already connect wirelessly to their campus networks, and many airports offer wireless connections throughout their terminals. You no longer need to be a traveling salesman to need a laptop: the freedom they offer now appeals to virtually everyone.

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