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Written by Charles Peacock
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MP3 players seem to be the new "it" gadget. Everywhere you go, if you're not faced with people sporting a fancy set of headphones leading to some invisible pocket-sized gadget, then you're staring at an advertisement exhorting you to buy one for yourself. Some MP3 players are so cheap, in fact, that you might as well throw in the towel and get yourself one.

There are three main types of MP3 music players on the market: portable CD players that play discs burned with MP3s, flash memory-based MP3 players and hard drive-based players. The CD players are a good option if you're comfortable with a unit that large, and if you want to be able to listen to normal CDs as well. The other units are quite a bit smaller, but they can also be quite a bit more expensive.

Flash and Hard Drive MP3 Players

Flash memory MP3 players used to be a bit pointless, since they only had enough memory to hold a few songs. Today, there are flash memory players on the market with over one gigabyte of memory. That's enough space for several hundred MP3s. The main advantages of these players are that they are skip-proof and that they're incredibly tiny and lightweight.

Hard drive-based MP3 players really became popular with the introduction of Apple's iPod line. iPods and other hard drive players can hold many gigabytes of music--enough to store your entire music collection in one pocket-sized unit. These players are usually quite a bit more expensive, but if you're looking for a lot of storage space they're the only way to go.

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