Canon Photo Printers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Canon offers a wide range of photo printers, from small portable units to high-end printers that are capable of producing professional-looking digital prints. If you're looking to buy a photo printer, there is probably a Canon model that will suit your needs exactly. The first step is simply deciding which features you need, and which features you can do without.

Features of Canon Photo Printers

If you're looking for a portable photo printer for printing small photos, the Canon CP-330 is a good choice. This model prints on standard 4x6 photo paper, and actually works on a rechargeable battery so it can be used anywhere (provided you have a laptop to plug it into). Its resolution isn't the best, but at 300dpi it's good enough for someone who needs this type of portable unit.

Canon desktop photo printers come in all shapes and sizes, and are available with tons of great features. Aside from obvious concerns like resolution and color quality, you should choose a printer based on the kinds of extras you think might be useful. For instance, some printers also have a built-in scanner, copier and fax system.

One printer feature that I absolutely love is a built-in wireless connection. This allows you to place the printer wherever you want in your home or office, as long as it is in the range of your wireless router. You can even print wirelessly from a laptop that is in a completely different room!

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