Computer Tower Cases

Written by Charles Peacock
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The first step in building your own computer is picking out the right case. Cases can be the cheapest or most expensive part of your system--it all on depends what kind of amenities you're looking for. It's important to make the right choice when you a buy a case, since in many ways it is the hardest component to replace or upgrade.

Computer Cases: Sizes and Features

Size is the first factor you need to decide on when buying a computer case. There are three common case sizes: full size, mid-tower and mini cases. Full size towers are only really necessary for servers and IT specialists who need a lot of space for expansion components.

Mid-towers are the most common type of computer case, and they have plenty of space for adding a few extra drives or PCI cards. Mini cases are a whole different ballgame: they require special motherboards, card and cooling components. They are made for people who put a premium on cool design, and are usually quite a bit more expensive.

Most cheap cases are nothing more than a box with expansion bays and a power button on the front. Unless you're really on a budget, you should look for a case that has nice features like front-side USB and audio ports, easy-swappable bays and perhaps even a built-in memory card reader. These are the kinds of features that are difficult to add after you've put your system together.

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