Disc Changers

Written by Charles Peacock
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I've always looked at disc changers as a bit of a mixed blessing. Sure, they allow you to listen to multiple CDs without having to get up and change the disc, but (at least in a car) you tend to leave the same five or six CDs in because it's hard to access the changer. For this reason I think it's usually better to get an in-dash CD player for your car, which allows you to change the CDs manually while you're driving.

Disc Changers for Your Home

For home use, disc changers make a lot more sense. This is particularly true today, because the newest disc changer models play many different formats. You can buy a changer that will play CDs, DVDs and other formats like MP3 CDs.

If you're looking to buy a disc changer, I would recommend looking for one of these multi-format players--and this is true even if you already have a DVD or CD player. Multi-format players free up space on your component shelf since they combine several different units into one. They also expand your entertainment possibilities: you can load up the changer with music DVDs and MP3 CDs, for example, and have hundreds of hours of digital music ready to go.

Some newer disc changers even have the ability to play CDs loaded with digital pictures from your computer or digital camera. They have special on-screen menus that allow you to set up a slide show of all of your favorite pictures on your television. And if you get the right changer, you can even set your slide show to music!

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