Dvd Drives

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you're looking to add a DVD drive to your computer, you have quite a few options. The first is whether you want an internal or external drive. External drives are useful for laptop computers or if you don't feel comfortable installing a new drive in your computer.

DVD Drive Options

Since internal DVD drives are usually a lot cheaper than external drives, I would highly recommend going with an internal model. Installation is actually quite easy, and if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself you can always have someone at a computer shop do it for you. You'll be happy in the long run since you won't be adding any clutter to your desk, and internal drives are much more reliable for burning DVDs.

Most DVD drives these days have both playing and burning capabilities. A few years ago, DVD burners were quite expensive, and it didn't make sense to buy one unless you really needed one. If you just want to play DVD movies, you might as well still buy a combination DVD-RW drive since you might want to use the burning capabilities down the road.

DVD burners are useful for quite a few reasons. If you like to record and edit your own home videos, they give you the ability to make DVDs that you can give out to family members and friends. In addition, they provide a great data backup tool. DVDs hold several gigabytes of data, which makes them a perfect (and inexpensive) solution for backing up important files.

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