Dvd Vhs Players

Written by Charles Peacock
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Most families have made the move from VHS to DVD. Since the quality is so much better and the prices are finally about equal, there isn't really any reason not to make the switch. The only problem with moving to a DVD player is that you're probably going to be left with a stack of VHS tapes (some of which are valuable home videos) that you can no longer watch.

Combination VHS-DVD Players

If you want to throw out your old VCR but still want to be able to watch your old VHS tapes, a combination DVD-VHS player is your best bet. These players are pretty inexpensive, and they're a great way to get the most out of both formats. I'm always a fan of combination units for the added benefit of reducing the size of your home entertainment "stack." Any component that does the work of two or more old components is a great buy in my book.

Another advantage of VHS-DVD players is that they still allow you record your favorite TV programs on videotapes. DVD recorders are becoming cheaper and more popular, but they still aren't as inexpensive as good old-fashioned VHS tapes. Combo players also allow you to copy DVDs to VHS tape.

If you're looking for a unit that's really going to keep you happy for years to come, you might want to consider a combo player that also has the ability to play discs with other digital media formats. Many DVD players (combo players included) have the ability to play MP3 CDs, which gives you an easy way to transfer the music from your computer to your stereo. In addition, some players even allow you to view digital pictures on your television by burning them onto a CD and popping them in the DVD player!

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