Home Monitoring Systems

Written by Charles Peacock
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There are a lot of reasons to want to keep your home secure, and modern technology makes it easier than ever to do so. In the past, the best security systems always still meant that somebody else (a security guard, security company or the police) had to be informed of a problem before you. With computer-based home monitoring systems, you can now keep your own eye on your home even while you're away.

How Do Home Monitoring Systems Work?

Affordable home monitoring systems consist of a series of digital cameras that are hooked into your home computer or main security system. These cameras are basically like cheap web cams--the resolution isn't great, but it's good enough to see what's going on in your home and to detect any potential problems. What's more, the limited quality allows the images from the cameras to be small enough that they can be easily and quickly transmitted over the Internet.

With a good home monitoring system, you can set up your cameras anywhere you want. Many home monitoring systems even come with wireless cameras, which gives you the freedom to place cameras in ideal positions without having to worry about running any wires back to your receiver or computer. The cameras can be set up to record at all times, or to only record when they detect motion or sound.

Since your home monitoring system is hooked into an internet-ready computer, it has the ability to keep you constantly updated with images from your home. You can choose to have images sent to you via email, or even to your cell phone. This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can gain peace of mind by keeping an eye on your home.

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