Inkjet Printers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Inkjet printers are the standard printer type for most home users, and for good reason. They're relatively inexpensive and they produce high-quality output, both in black and white and color. They're great for printing documents and web pages as well as photos, and they support all different types of paper.

Saving Money on Ink Refills

The one downside of inkjet printers is the cost of the actual ink. It seems like buying a cartridge or two means shelling out almost as much as it costs to buy the printer itself--and in many cases this is exactly true. This isn't a coincidence, in fact. Printer manufacturers purposely keep their printers cheap to get you roped in, and then they make their real money off the cost of the ink cartridges.

If you feel like this is a scam, in a way it is. But it's an old scam, and one that's completely legal--disposable razor manufacturers have been doing it for years (which is why your replacement shaver blades always seem to be so expensive). There are ways around the scam, however, if you're willing to do a little extra work.

If you shop around, you can actually find ink kits that allow you to refill the ink cartridge that came with your printer. These kits are usually very inexpensive, although they require you to spend a little time popping open your cartridge and filling it up. I've done it myself, and it is a bit messy. Since it can save you between ten and twenty dollars every time you need to replace your cartridge, you might also find that it's worth the trouble.

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