International Time Recorders

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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International Time Recorders, also known simply as IRT, is the modern incarnation of one of the first time and attendance recording device manufacturers. The organization, originally known as "British Bundy Clock Co." was founded over a century ago. In its early days, BBCC was operated by two brothers, William and Harlow Bundy. Jewelers by trade, the Bundy brothers eventually began constructing mechanical time recording devices. With two offices, one in Albany, NY, and one in the UK, William and Harlow were able to generate a lot of interest in their products, which were designed to automate the management of employee records.

British Bundy Clock Co. introduced their mass-produced employee time clocks to the market in 1893. The company's main competition came from Howard Bros., which sold a time recording device invented by Alexander Dey, known as the "Dey Clock." Although Dey's product was the first on the market, British Bundy Clock Co. appears to have actually invented the time recording clock first, as their patent was issued several months before Dey's. In any event, British Bundy Clock Co. became one of the most popular and trusted manufacturers of time recording clocks and attendance devices in the world.

British Bundy Becomes International Time Recorders

Through the years, British Bundy Clock Co. merged with several other companies. In the early 1900s, they changed their name to International Time Recorders, to reflect their place in the multinational market. Over the next two decades, ITR merged with the Computing Scale Company of America, and Herman Hollerith's Tabulating Machine Company, as well as with their rival, Howard Bros. The newly formed mega-corporation eventually took on the collective name of International Business Machines, commonly known as IBM. ITR remains a subsidiary of IBM, but reverted to the name International Time Recorders in the 1970s.

ITR is still one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of time and attendance recording equipment. The company is now based primarily out of Canada. While ITR still manufactures modern equivalents of the time clock devices that it first became known for, it has also branched out into other areas of time tracking. ITR now provides business solutions including biometric identify systems, remote time recording systems, Internet and software based attendance recorders, and a variety of other products.

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