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Ionic Breeze

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It's no secret that clean air is important. An estimated 90 percent of the average person's time is spent indoors, where a variety of irritants can be found. There are various ways to rid indoor air of these potentially harmful particles, one of which is by using an air purifier. As the air purifiers clean the air, the symptoms of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments are often alleviated. If irritants are removed from the air space of an asthmatic person, there is a decreased risk of asthma-related death.

The Ionic Breeze is a specific brand of air purifier that is sold by The Sharper Image and affiliate stores. In addition to being available for purchase in a brick and mortar store, Ionic Breeze air purifiers are often advertised on television. Within the Ionic Breeze line, there are four different types of air purifiers with slightly different functions. Also included in the line of products are several accessories designed to increase the performance of the units.

The technology used in Ionic Breeze purifiers was created by the Engelhard Corporation, a Fortune 500 company which has pioneered several different clean-air technologies over the last 30 years. As an example, the catalytic converter used in approximately 80% of the world's automobiles was developed by Engelhard. These converters aid in the reduction of harmful pollutants given off by automobiles when they are in operation.

The Ionic Breeze was designed for use in spaces up to 500 square feet. As the air circulates around the room, potentially dangerous particles are trapped in the unit until they are cleaned out. Once the air has been purified, it is circulated back into the room. The electrical design of the unit earned the brand of the Seal of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. In addition, the brand is endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation.

When in continuous operation, Ionic Breeze purifiers can also aid in odor removal by emitting low levels of ozone to create freshness. There are strict U.S. safety requirements for ozone emission in consumer products, and the makers of the Ionic Breeze must comply with these requirements. In addressing ozone emission concerns, Engelhard Corporation recently designed new technology to help reduce the amount of ozone emitted from Ionic Breeze units.

All Ionic Breeze units are designed to run in complete silence. The products run without a motor, opting instead to use electrostatic forces to promote air changes. Because of the lack of motor and fan, most Ionic Breeze purifiers consume between 10 and 20 watts, and are intended for 24 hour a day use.

This electronic technology is useful in trapping very small airborne particles, such as those found in smoke, pollen, and mold spores. Most of these particles range in size from .05 to 30 microns. Although these individual particles are invisible to the eye, they are easily seen when combined on the collection grid in the interior of the unit. It is the presence of the particle build-up that makes it possible to know that the unit is operational.

Although the makers of the Ionic Breeze recommend their product for large rooms, there are several outside factors to take into consideration regarding space and productivity. A room with carpet, versus hardwood flooring, will require more maintenance, and may cause a unit to prove less effective in trapping particles. Likewise, elements such as pet presence, type of furniture, ventilation, and room activity should all be taken into account when deciding how many Ionic Breeze units will be needed in a given space.

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