Multimedia Speakers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Adding a nice set of multimedia speakers to your computer is the best way to transform it into a true home entertainment system. Great speakers allow you to listen to music that sounds as good as it would on your home stereo system. And if you've got a good monitor, they can also make the experience of watching movies on your computer that much more enjoyable.

Picking Out Multimedia Speakers

Before you go out and buy a new set of multimedia speakers for your computer, you should first consider whether you really need them. If your home computer is in the same room as a stereo system that already has good speakers, a wonderful (and incredibly inexpensive) solution is to simply output the computer's sound into your stereo's auxiliary input. This allows you to listen to music or movies from the computer through your high-end receiver and speakers--and saves you the trouble of buying a redundant set of new ones.

If you don't have the ability to utilize your stereo's speakers for your computer, you'll want to at least pick up a three-way multimedia speaker system. These systems come with three speakers: one left channel, one right channel, and one bass subwoofer. Typically you put the left and right speakers on your desk or computer table, and leave the subwoofer down on the floor.

For true audio enthusiasts (especially people who play games or enjoy watching DVD movies on their computer) a set of five surround sound speakers might be in order. If you're going to buy surround sound speakers, just be sure you have a sound card that supports this feature. Some speaker systems have built-in surround capabilities, but you'll want to make sure either your computer or the speakers themselves can do the processing before you make your purchase.

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