Pinhole Wireless Cameras

Written by Patricia Skinner
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New Surveillance Solutions

Pinhole wireless cameras are also commonly known as miniature spy cameras. You've probably read about them a lot lately, as recent strides in technology has brought pinhole wireless cameras within the financial range of everyone, and has vastly expanded the horizon as far as home and business security is concerned. These little marvels of invention are small enough and cheap enough to be used in a variety of settings and for a number of reasons.

Miniature pinhole wireless cameras can be used in a variety of systems to give you choice of how many cameras you want to use, and how you want to have access to playback. Although the tiny 9 volt batteries that come with the cameras usually only give a couple of hours of viewing time, you can rig them up to a 9 volt transformer for longer life.

Uses of Pinhole Wireless Cameras

Their use as surveillance cameras has made pinhole wireless cameras a really hot item. Unfortunately though, some unscrupulous characters have thought of less-than-legitimate uses for them, and sadly this is bringing the whole industry into ill repute. Another aspect to the issue is that, if the trend continues, the use of pinhole wireless cameras for illegitimate infringement of people's privacy may lead to government intervention, and could result in laws that would restrict their use.

This would be a pity, as pinhole wireless cameras have brought a greater degree of security within the range of individuals and businesses with a limited budget. Greater levels of security can only be good for everyone in general, and are surely more desirable that more laws to make life more complicated for everyone.

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