Portable Weather Radios

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Noticed the Weather Lately?

If ever there was a time to think about buying portable weather radios, it's now. Over the past few years the United States has seen an increase in extreme weather conditions from coast to coast. This is almost undoubtedly due to global warming, so we can probably expect a continuation of this trend in the next few years.

Portable weather radios will enable you to keep you finger on the pulse of the weather in your area at all times. As many people have seen in the past year or two, having up-to-date weather information can have a life-or-death significance so it cannot be underestimated. In some parts of the world, keeping track of the weather is complicated and expensive. But not here in the US. With our great NOAA weather radio network, you can have access to all the alerts and warnings you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You Need Portable Weather Radios

But to receive these signals, you have to have special portable weather radios that are tuned in to the signals. The NOAA has over 800 transmitters throughout the US and its territories, so with portable weather radios you'll feel safe wherever you are. Why deprive yourself of this service when it's cheap and affordable to everyone?

The NOAA broadcasts all hazards and warning signals for all parts of the US 24 hours a day. So whatever the hazard you fear, portable weather radios are the answer. At the request of local news stations, the NOAA will also broadcast warning about non-weather related hazards, which could include anything from a severe freeway accident, to a chemical spill. Why wait to get portable weather radios when you get such a great service?

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