Skyscan Atomic Clocks

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Got a Clock That Can't Tell the Time?

If you need access to the right time all the time, and are tired of clocks and watches that can't be relied upon, Skyscan atomic clocks are the answer for you. These modern beauties are accurate to within one second a year, have a day and date calendar, and even have a remote temperature sensor too. Skyscan atomic clocks will look great wherever you choose to hang them.

Atomic clocks take advantage of a low frequency radio transmission from the U.S. Atomic Clock in Colorado, which sends an accurate time signal across the continental United States. Skyscan atomic clocks are electronically tuned to that time signal, which is the same frequency that is utilized by radio and T.V. stations, railroads and even NASA.

Skyscan Atomic Clocks are Completely Reliable!

Recently, this signal strength has been boosted to provide for improved reception across the US, allowing this advanced timepiece to work in your home or office or even on a yacht. So you can see how Skyscan atomic clocks can help you organize your time reliably and at a modest price, considering that Skyscan atomic clocks only cost around $60!

Skyscan atomic clocks automatically set themselves to the exact time, date, lunar calendar, perpetual calendar, and even indoor temperature. They will also make the automatic adjustment to allow for daylight saving time when it is necessary. So Skyscan atomic clocks will give you the advantage of accurate timekeeping without complicating your life so that you have to be thinking about clocks all the time. You can really take advantage of Skyscan atomic clocks!

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