Slr Digital Cameras

Written by Charles Peacock
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Many people think that SLR cameras (or Single Lens Reflex cameras) are for professionals only. They are more expensive than traditional cameras, and they do have quite a bit more features--but if you love taking pictures they are more than worth it. SLR cameras, and the more recent digital SLR models, are great for both hobbyists and professional photographers. But what makes a camera an SLR camera?

What is an SLR Camera?

The first mark of an SLR camera is how the image you're going to take can be viewed through the viewfinder. On non-SLR cameras, the viewfinder passes directly through the camera, so you don't really see the exact image that will be taken by the lens. SLR cameras show you the light from the lens in the viewfinder, which helps you get a more accurate idea of how your picture will turn out.

One reason SLR cameras are necessary for professionals is that they always have interchangeable lenses. SLR cameras allow you to snap on anything from a telephoto lens to a super-wide angle lens. This allows you to use your camera in all sorts of different circumstances and light conditions.

In recent years, SLR cameras have adopted many of the features available in non-SLR automatic cameras. Things like auto-focus and auto exposure can now be found in digital and traditional SLR cameras. The important difference between non-SLR fully automatic cameras is that these cameras will still allow you to adjust all of the settings manually.

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