Surveillance Systems

Written by Charles Peacock
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Setting up a surveillance system used to mean hiring a P.I. to stake out your home or workplace. In recent years, video cameras made it possible to keep a watching eye at all times--even though you still had to watch the footage to really see what was going on. Advances in digital image and video technology have finally made it possible to set up cheap surveillance systems that are even more powerful than anything that has existed in the past.

Benefits of Digital Surveillance

The thing that makes digital surveillance equipment so great is that it can work in conjunction with your computer. This means that the images taken by your system of cameras can be fed into the computer and processed by a virtual brain. You no longer need to watch the camera's output to tell if someone is in the room--the computer can do it for you.

Modern digital surveillance systems give you the ability to monitor your home or office wirelessly. You can place cameras wherever you want around the premises, and they will transmit information wirelessly to a computer of your choice. You can then set up the computer to notify you if there is any movement or temperature change in the area it is monitoring.

Digital surveillance systems can help you prevent theft, fires and even accidents. You can set your system up to deliver regular pictures of a particular room or area to your email account or cell phone. No matter where you are in the world, you have the ability to closely monitor your home base--at any time of day or night.

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