Time Recorder Companies

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Time and attendance tracking systems are usually sold directly to businesses from time recorder companies. While smaller businesses might find it more beneficial to deal with resellers or warehouses, larger businesses will usually need the extra assistance that comes when dealing directly with the manufacturer. This is especially true when it comes to more recent advances in time recording technology, such as computer and software based time tracking systems.

When a large company implements a time tracking system, it often requires integration at several levels of the business. In addition to installing the actual time clocks, the companies can also help a business understand and employ the systems used to collect and compile the data gained from the clocks. Electronic and computer based time tracking require additional assistance from the manufacturer. Software based time tracking requires that the software be integrated into a company's computer network.

Product Support and Time Recorder Companies

If a company decides to use a completely software based time tracking system, the management and payroll staff will have to know how to use the software. This requires additional IT training. This training is sometimes provided directly from the vendor, and is sometimes handled by a third-party. In addition to the initial training, a vendor can provide technical support in the event that any problems arise with the software or system. This can include anything from troubleshooting a problem over the phone, to making a field visit in order to assess and remedy the situation.

Smaller companies usually deal with resellers, rather than with time clock companies themselves. Since smaller companies usually won't require the large systems used by large corporations, they also won't need the same level of support. When a small company purchases a time recording system from a reseller, one or two employees are usually instructed on the implementation, management, and maintenance of the system. Although purchasing the system usually grants the company access to technical support, the simplicity of smaller time and attendance tracking programs insures that issues won't arise as often as they might for a large corporation using a complex system.

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