Time Recorder Ribbons

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Non-computer based time clocks physically imprint an employee's hours onto their timecard. In order to repeatedly print these hours, day after day, these clocks need reliable time recorder ribbons. Time clock ribbons are similar to the ribbons found in printers and typewriters, and serve as a means for delivering ink to the timecard. While there are many types of these ribbons available, they are usually designed to be compatible with a specific system.

The best time clock ribbons are those that can provide the highest number of stamps before running out of ink. If you're managing a factory with thousands of employees, a miscalculation due to unstamped or illegible cards can have huge financial repercussions. Even apart from financial drawbacks, unreliable time recorder ribbons can create sizable administrative hassles. Although errors due to bad time recorder ribbons can be dealt with, they often take quite a while to remedy. Employees who receive a reduced paycheck due to an illegible timestamp may become adversarial, which is never conducive to a good working environment.

Maintaining Time Clock Ribbons

Ribbons are usually available directly from manufacturers. In most cases, the manufacturer handles large companies anyway. Manufacturers tend to oversee all aspects of their product's implementation in a large company. This includes installation, maintenance, technical support, and training. Part of maintenance would involve insuring that a time clock is always capable of clearly stamping employee timecards. This means that most manufacturers can keep a business informed of how often time recorder ribbons need to be changed, as well as the best ribbons for every particular model of time clock. Manufacturers can also make sure that a company always has a supply of the right ribbons on hand.

Smaller businesses might find it more beneficial to purchase their ribbons from warehouses, resellers, or even office supply stores. Because a small business would tend to have only one time recording clock, the maintenance would be significantly more simple. A quick familiarization with the proper types of ribbons, as well as when to install a new ribbon, should be all that is needed for a small business to effectively maintain their time recording device.

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