Wireless Security Cameras

Written by Charles Peacock
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One of the problems with setting up video surveillance systems in the past was that you were forced to run wires all over the place, connecting your cameras to your recording equipment. This limited the placement of cameras and also made it harder to hide them well. Luckily, new digital surveillance systems are available that come with wireless cameras and monitoring equipment.

Wireless Digital Security Systems

The heart of any digital security system is the main control system. This system contains the receiver that captures wireless signals from all of your cameras and transmits them to your computer or recording equipment. It is the base station that organizes and controls your entire surveillance operation.

Once you have your wireless base station, it's time to add your wireless monitoring equipment. The most common type of monitoring equipment is the wireless digital camera. These cameras can take still or video pictures. They can be set to record constantly, in specific intervals, or only when they sense motion or sound.

Other types of monitoring equipment can usually be added to the same system. For instance, you can buy wireless temperature sensors that will alert the base station if the temperature in your room exceeds or drops below a certain level. You can also install wireless water sensors to alert you of leaks or potential flooding. Keep in mind, however, that most wireless base stations only have the ability to communicate with a limited number of transceivers. You'll need to plan in advance how many cameras or monitors you want to install in your system before you go out and buy everything.

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