Berg Electronics

Written by Rylee Newton
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Berg Electronics is a subsidiary of a company called FCI. FCI is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic equipment and electric interconnect systems. They have over 60 production facilities in 29 different countries. In the 12 years since they first came into being, FCI and Berg have achieved some milestones in the electronic community.

FCI and Berg Electronics make connectors and other RF products for data transmission. They work with service providers and computer manufacturers to create products that make data transmission as fast and as free of interference as possible. They make items like high-speed connectors, memory related connectors, and card systems. All these products ensure that information is sent around an office or around the world as fast as possible. When your business is connected to a server, the more reliable it is the more efficient your business.

The Many Applications for Berg Electronics

FCI and Berg Electronics make connectors and other connectivity related items for all kinds of different industries. They make products and systems for the energy and power market. They also make items for consumer products like cell phones, personal computers, and audio and video equipment. They also make products for transportation applications such as cockpit instrument panels and connectors, and for automobile safety restraint products just to name a few items.

This company is growing and expanding into so many different markets in the field of electrical equipment and services. You can find more information about all the products available by searching their official website. There you will find product specifications as well as a listing of suppliers and distributors of these fine products.

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