Itt Cannon Connector

Written by Rylee Newton
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ITT Cannon is one of the top manufacturers of all kinds of connectors and switches for electrical applications. You can find the ITT Cannon connector in all kinds of different products. ITT Cannon makes all kinds of items including RF cable assemblies, switches, dome arrays, keypads, smart card systems and LAN components. When you want quality parts many well known companies have depended on ITT Cannon for years. The reputation of these connectors is second to none.

There's an ITT Cannon connector for every application. This company makes board connectors that are highly recommended by many different industries. These items include the universal trident connector that is interchangeable with several connector types. They also make a printed circuit board that is ideal for high-speed transmission of data and other information. Among RF products the ITT Cannon is also known for its filter connector, which helps to block out unwanted signals from interfering with data transmission.

Applications for the ITT Cannon Connector

There's an ITT Cannon connector that's right for your I/O and Power systems. One of the most specialized of products is the hermetic connector. This seals the connection from things like extreme environments, and is resistant to all everything from water and all kinds of liquids and gases. ITT Cannon also makes transportation connectors. They feature a high density ECU device, an internal oxygen sensor and a mount for other connectors.

You can find more information about these many applications for these connectors. You can also log onto the Internet to find suppliers, specifications, and prices for the many different ITT Cannon products and other accessories.

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