Power Splitters

Written by Rylee Newton
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When it comes to electrical signals and RF products, power splitters are one of the most common accessories. These products are used for several different reasons to control the flow of an electrical signal. They are used to add or reduce a signal vectorially, obtain multiple output signals in proportion to the number of input signals, split an input signal into many outputs, and to combine signals from several sources into one output port.

Power splitters come in several different forms, the most basic of which is called a "T connection." This form has one input and two outputs. When the signal is uniform it will be split into two signals equal in amplitude and phase. These signals can be corrupted by noise and other interference. It is important to correct to adjust for outside interference in the calculations of your power requirements. You can find more information about these specifications, and the results of splitting your signal online or by speaking with a technical specialist.

Where to Find More Information about Power Splitters

Power splitters are available for a number of different applications. The splitting of power provides multiple power sources for your electrical system. These products offer a way to channel a signal into several different sources. If you're not sure how to apply this technology to your system, you may want to do further research, or leave the decisions on your RF products to a trained professional. The more complicated the industry, the more likely that these decisions are being made by engineers and other electrical professionals.

You can find more information about splitters for basic applications and home use such as personal stereos or broadcast devices online. If you're working in the many industries that utilize high-speed communications systems you can find information about product specifications, industry wide standards, and installation procedures online. You can also search the many suppliers of these quality products for the best price and shipping options.

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