Rf Attenuators

Written by Rylee Newton
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Rf attenuators are used in many different RF and microwave devices. These devices are actually circuits that are used to reduce the power level of an electrical signal by a predetermined amount with little or no reflection. This reflection is also referred to as interference or distortion. When the output signal is altered the input signal must also be altered to meet the changes made. Rather than being called passive devices, these devices are classified as either fixed or variable in nature.

There are several different types of Rf attenuators. The fixed ones are the most basic. These devices affect the signal in very specific ways. These signal changes are uniform across the whole system. Variable attenuators reduce the signal between two values over a specific range.

The Different Types of Rf Attenuators

Variable Rf attenuators come in several different types. Continuously variable vary the reduction of signal continuously over time. Step attenuators reduce the signal by a fixed amount one step at a time. Other devices are programmable attenuators, and direct reading attenuators. You can also find a line of digital attenuators that reduce the signal strength using digital control signals. You can find more information about the device that is right for your system by doing a little research online.

When considering attenuators it's important to think about a few different factors. These things include: frequency range, attenuation, the number of bits used to control the signal, and insertion loss. You can find information about determining the importance of these factors by search for these and other RF products online. Most of the suppliers of these products provide their customers with specifications, suggestions and technical support.

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