Rf Power Divider

Written by Rylee Newton
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An Rf power divider is a passive device that is used to split an electric signal into two or more RF signals. The important things to look for in both dividers and combiners are low signal loss, high levels of isolation, and precision when it comes to the delicate balance of phase and amplitude. Most suppliers and manufacturers will provide you with specification so you can make sure you find the right parts for whatever your application or system requirements.

When you consider purchasing an Rf power divider you often find a whole list of other RF products including things like attenuators, splitters, connectors and even cables. Many Internet providers offer you a whole line of products from a specific manufacturer as well as parts that are compatible with other manufacturers and even the military. The military standards are some of the highest standards in the world. This is because many of the applications involve high endurance and inclement conditions.

Things to Consider When Shopping for an Rf Power Divider

There are some basic considerations when you're in the market for an Rf power divider. They come in 0 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees models. You should also consider the level of isolation that will be achieved when the signal is split. You may also want to find out about the frequency range for your products. This determines if your components will fit the standards of your entire system. It's also important to consider insertion loss. This is the amount of the signal that gets lost when the signal is sent through a splitter. It is calculated by dividing the power of output by the power of the input signal.

You can find all kinds of information about electrical systems on the Internet. This is a great way to find RF items at reasonable costs.

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