Trompeter Connector

Written by Rylee Newton
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When you're in the market for high quality Rf products you can't go wrong with the Trompeter connector. These connectors are used in many different industries from aerospace, military, telecommunications, broadcast and data processing. You can find a complete catalogue on their official website and on the many websites of suppliers of these and other interconnect components. They provide a high level of quality transmissions for data and other signals.

Trompeter has been in the business of making connectors since 1960. They are manufactured in Westlake Village, California, and in Mesa, Arizona. The Trompeter connector line currently features over 5,000 different items for use in the many different markets around the world. They make everything from plugs, jacks and adaptors to monitoring modules and distribution panels.

The Trompeter connector: Exceeding the Standards

The Trompeter connector line meets or exceeds industry-wide standards. The military and aerospace connectors meet MIL-C-49142, MIL-STD-1553B data bus and MIL-C-39029 standards. Trompeter makes connectors for broadcast and television companies. These connectors meet high definition television standards. These are some of the highest standards in the world. Customers include everyone from ABC, Pacific Bell, Lockheed Martin, Hughes and many other companies around the world.

You can find information on the aero connector and the many other industries that Trompeter serves by checking the company out online. They have their own website, and many of the national and international suppliers also provide additional information and specifications for these products. The official website contains a technical help section that is second to none. You can also find customer support from most suppliers. When you shop online you get the best deals on the best products in the business.

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