Written by Scott Martin
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MapSource® Bluecharts turn navigation into an exceptionally well-informed, high-tech endeavor. By using MapSource® Bluecharts, you can access information on everything from contour depths to inter-tidal zones. Whether you're looking for information on spot soundings, wrecks, restricted areas, or anchorages, you can be apprised of the latest information with Bluecharts.

Using a user-friendly graphics interface, Bluecharts enables you to access information at the touch of a button. You can easily recognize high detail and description in each chart, with information included from the original paper chart. This means that you can also access information such as chart number, name, scale, revision date, and Notice-to-Mariners date.

Transferring Bluecharts Information

Bluecharts are offered in two distinct formats, for maximum flexibility. You can access Bluecharts by using preprogrammed data cards, or simply use MapSource® CD-ROMs. These contain detailed maps that can be quickly downloaded to blank data cartridges--or even directly transferred to some units.

Preprogrammed data cards are convenient and simple to use. You simply plug these cards into your Garmin chartplotter, and you're ready to go. Depending on which unit you own, you might find that Bluecharts is best-suited for you in CD-ROM transfer or preprogrammed data cards.

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