Written by Tadashi Moody
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If you are considering adding a chartplotter to your boat, you should consider investing in a Garmin. For over 10 years Garmin has been a leader in GPS and chart plotting technologies. With millions of units sold, their products have been tested by the elements and have passed.

A Garmin Chartplotter

One of the latest features in chartplotters has been the introduction of the color screen. A color screen is able to present much more information than the older monochromatic displays. In addition to providing more information, color coding can be used to make data more easily understood.

Another feature that Garmin has continuously improved upon is its processors. A more powerful processor means faster rendering of maps, smoother zooming and panning, and quicker response times. Technology plays a key role in their products. Many chartplotters come with screens that can be ready in any lighting condition.

Before and after your expeditions, you might want to download or upload data to or from your chartplotter. Garmin had developed their own data cards that can be transferred to your home computer or a different Garmin product. You can back up your waypoints, temperature readings, or other trackpoints.

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