Forerunner 201

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Aiming to bring their supremely useful technology to athletes, Garmin Electronics has developed the Forerunner 101 and Forerunner 201. The Forerunner units pack an incredible list of features into a compact personal training device you can wear on your wrist. Whether training for an adventure race or walking the local track, Garmin uses global positioning systems technology to go leaps and bounds beyond your old wristwatch or pedometer.

Integrating GPS technology into this exercise device opens a whole new world of features, allowing the user to see his or her current position, track his or her routes, mark waypoints, and store data. Users can also track calories burned, store lap histories, distance and pace for up to two years, and use performance data archives to create accurate records. The large display of the Forerunner 201 makes reading on the fly easy.

The Forerunner 201: A Virtual Partner

Any athlete will tell you that working out with a partner can help push you to achieve your goals faster. One feature that distinguishes the Forerunner 201 from other exercise monitors is the ability to create a Virtual Partner. Users can create training goals which will be completed by their Virtual Partner, and then get a graphic perspective of how their performance matches up.

The Forerunner 201 is distinguished from the Forerunner 101, Garmin's other offering in this line, by its rechargeable power source and the capability to interface with a PC. It comes complete with a desktop charger and serial interface, and Logbook software is now available for the Forerunner 201. For any athlete wishing to track exercise performance and goals, the Forerunner 201 is rates as an excellent, affordable choice

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