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Written by Tadashi Moody
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If you are in search of quality, reliable global positioning system (GPS) technology, you need look no further than Garmin Electronics. Garmin has a solid reputation as a leader in the field of navigation technology. This company creates products that serve everyone from the aviation industry to the outdoor recreationist.

As soon as I began searching for a handheld GPS unit that would serve my recreation needs, it became immediately clear that Garmin Electronics would be at the top of my list. Friends and coworkers commented on Garmin's reliability, ease of use, great support, and accuracy. These were just the qualities I desired in a GPS unit.

Global Positioning Systems Technology for the Consumer

When the global positioning system was made available to the general public by the U.S. Department of Defense, it created a whole new industry. Garmin Electronics, founded in 1989, quickly leapt to the head of the field. They realized the innumerable applications for this technology.

Composed of a network of satellites circling the globe, the global positioning system allows for precise calculation of one's position on the globe. With today's technology, a GPS unit as small as a cellular phone can use signals from these satellites to calculate one's position or velocity. Coupled with recent leaps in digital mapping, GPS technology has become useful to many industries and endeavors.

Garmin Electronics creates products that serve everyone from pilots to fishermen. Hikers, hunters, and bikers use GPS units for navigation and route finding. Garmin products can be found in automobiles and airplanes, backpacks and boats.

Garmin Electronics Means Quality, Value, and Service

Seamless integration of multiple technologies is one of the strong points of Garmin Electronics products. Integrated digital maps and two-way radios are just two examples of Garmin's innovation. Some units even come with integrated fish finders, for all the anglers out there.

Compared to other brands, Garmin Electronics GPS products provide incredible functionality and features for the price. Their large product line provides something for virtually anyone in search of GPS technology. And Garmin makes GPS accessible to even those on a budget.

And though Garmin Electronics products are among the most reliable, I've found Garmin's customer support to be outstanding. Garmin prides itself not only on its innovation, value, and quality, but also in maintaining loyal customers. It's these qualities that won me over to Garmin as my choice for GPS products.

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