Garmin Etrex Vista

Written by Tadashi Moody
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The Garmin eTrex Vista offers you precision information at the touch of a button. With a basemap covering both North and South America, the Garmin eTrex Vista boasts not only a barometric altimeter, but also a highly-specialized electronic compass. These two features offer you pinpoint accuracy, no matter which terrain you happen to be in.

Best of all, the eTrex Vista is researched and designed by utilizing the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). This offers you precision data, as well as correctional information, to make sure you are always getting the most current information available. In fact, with the Garmin eTrex Vista, you are guaranteed accuracy within three meters, at all times.

The High Technology of the Garmin eTrex Vista

The Garmin eTrex Vista also brings you some of the highest-end technology. With 24-megabyte internal memory capacity, you can download mapping data from Garmin MapSource® CD-ROMS--even Fishing Hot Spots®. A silver case offers a sleek look, and maximum protection for your unit.

Furthermore, this unit includes marine navigational aids, to augment the already-comprehensive basemap. You can choose from basemaps that highlight America's highways, Atlantic highways, or Pacific highways. With a PC-interface cable, and a wrist strap, this user-friendly unit offers you the best in mobility and PC-compatibility, as well.

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