Garmin Gpsmap 188c Sounder

Written by Scott Martin
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The Garmin GPSMAP 188c Sounder is one of the most handy GPSMAP units available. This unit brings together both chart plotting and sounder capabilities into a single unit. No longer will you have to fumble with two different pieces of equipment while trying to navigate, since this unit will provide both location and sounder information on a split screen.

Benefits of a Garmin GPSMAP 188c Sounder

The sounder has a 16-colors, true type fonts, 234 by 320 pixel liquid crystal display. This screen is specifically designed to have daylight-viewable colors. This means that when you are using a Garmin GPSMAP 188c Sounder, you will be able to clearly read the display even in the harshest of direct sunlight.

The compact size of the Garmin GPSMAP 188c Sounder allows them to be installed in many useful locations, such at a cockpit or overhead box. Why install a bulky item, when you can have this two-in-one unit saving space? Despite its small footprint, the Garmin GPSMAP 188c Sounder packs a strong high-speed RISC processor that can handle your sounder needs.

Another wonderful benefit is that this unit works with many popular software titles. It is designed to work with the latest marine cartography software, BlueChart. Furthermore, you can use MapSource® CD which include such titles as Fishing Hotspots. This unit is also designed to provide accurate GPS positions from its built-in global maps.

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