Garmin Gpsmap 320c Color Fishfinder

Written by Scott Martin
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One of the greatest advances in sport fishing has been the fish finder. Garmin has now improved upon the fish finder with their Garmin GPSMAP 320c Color Fishfinder. This unit can connect directly to your GPS unit, so you can mark waypoints.

Whether you are fishing in freshwater or on saltwater, this unit will provide you excellent results. You can use the Depth Control Gain to vary the sonar sensitivity to provide and an accurate image of what is below you. Additionally, you can use the bottom lock to stay focused on a particular depth.

The User-Friendly Garmin GPSMAP 320c Color Fishfinder

The Garmin Gpsmap 320c Color Fishfinder is designed to be a user friendly device. Never lose sight of the fish you are looking for due to excess glare or a dim screen--it comes with a standard sunlight viewable five-inch 16-color display. Additionally, there are specific viewing setting that facilitate viewing in overcast, bright, or dark conditions.

The Garmin Gpsmap 320c Color Fishfinder comes with a transom-mount transducer. The sonar provides some of the most accurate information about depth, and range. Furthermore, it is able to correct fish returns from thermoclines making it even easier to understand fish location.

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