Garmin Street Pilot

Written by Scott Martin
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Optimize your driving experience with the automotive GPS wonder of the Garmin Street Pilot. Marrying satellite tracking technology with highly detailed maps, the Street Pilot gives you the comfort of always knowing where you are when you drive. Add features that enable you to find restaurants, hotels, gas stations, banks, and shopping, and you can find yourself familiar with all the roads you travel--even if you've never been down them before.

Garmin Street Pilot Technology

Regardless of the weather outside, the Garmin Street Pilot enables you to enjoy pinpoint accuracy, no matter where you're located. In fact, the Garmin Street Pilot includes rivers and lakes for all of North America--with a basemap that shows detailed U.S. highways. You can further customize your Street Pilot with optional MapSource® MetroGuide® U.S.A. CD-ROMs.

These optional CD-ROMs can be exceptionally useful if you're interested in business listings, points of interest, or street-map detail. You simply enter a street address or choose a pre-set location, and the Garmin Street Pilot takes care of the rest for you, showing a map with your destination and current location. No matter where you are, you'll be able to navigate as if you were a local.

Street Pilot technology offers nothing but the best, with a 12 parallel channel GPS receiver, for satellite acquisition and consistent signal. Whether you're in the thick of a forest, or the hub of a city, you'll be able to enjoy precision accuracy. Best of all, you can take the Street Pilot with you--it's easy to move from one vehicle to another.

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