Geko 301

Written by Tadashi Moody
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With a sleek, compact design and waterproof capabilities, the Geko 301 is a top seller in the GPS market. However, don't let the streamlined packaging fool you--this small GPS device really packs a powerful punch. With an easy-to-use graphics interface, the Geko 301 gives you nothing less than the best in GPS navigation.

What Does the Geko 301 Offer?

Armed with an electronic compass and barometric altimeter, the Geko 301 can yield bearing information anytime you stand still. You can also find out your precise altitude, anytime you please. This data can also be used to figure out your ascension and declining rates.

For extra functionality, this GPS doubles as a 12-hour pressure-trend too, so that you can gauge weather conditions as they change. You are guaranteed accuracy within three meters or less, as the Geko 301 uses state-of-the-art WAAS technology. With five simple buttons, the Geko 301 couldn't be easier to operate, even as it brings you meticulously detailed information.

If you're looking for a little recreation time, you might also check out the Geko 301's entertainment package. With five interactive indoor/outdoor games, you can turn any locale into a playing field. Games packaged with the 301 model include Gekoids and Geko Smak, which allow you to use the unit while enjoying yourself.

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