Gps 60c

Written by Tadashi Moody
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One of the best-selling full-color GPS units, the GPS 60C packs technology in a sleek package. Designed to be both lightweight and waterproof, the GPS 60C is exceptionally hardy, in all conditions. With highly reflective monitors, you can read this unit easily, even in bright sunlight, without trouble.

GPS 60C Capabilities

The GPS 60C is battery-powered, allowing for 30 hours of typical use. This unit allows for rapid automatic route calculation, as well as full outdoor calendar capabilities. You can also enjoy plenty of fun in the sun, with GPS games of all kinds.

Armed with a dedicated geocaching mode, this unit has a lightning-fast processor with 56 MB of memory. This allows for more map detail storage, as well as other functionalities and speed. You can also access auto routing, turn-by-turn directions, and audio alerts. You can augment your unit's capabilities by using MapSource® City Select® or 24K Topo software.

When you're going after fish and game, consider using the GPS 60C to quick access to optimal fishing and hunting times. The outdoor calendar also provides sunrise and sunset times daily. You can also share your navigational instructions, using fast map transfer with a serial or USB port connection.

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