Gps 72

Written by Scott Martin
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The GPS 72 offers comprehensive state-of-the-art global positioning system technology, in a tight package. With a 12-channel receiver, and 1 MB of built-in memory, the GPS 72 can store up to 500 waypoints. Additionally, you can store up to 50 routes, and up to 50 waypoints per route.

GPS 72 Features

Packaged with the Marine Point Database basemap, the GPS 72 offers full capabilities while you're on the water. You can augment your GPS 72 system with the MapSource® Points of Interest CD-ROM, for more complete data. With two AA batteries, you can be guaranteed 16 hours of battery time.

The display on the GPS 72 is 2.2 x 1.6 inches, in 4-level gray LCD colors. This is the equivalent to 160 x 120 pixels in total size, and the entire unit is waterproof. Its backlit display makes it easy to read, regardless of the time of day.

You can also set a variety of audible alarms on the GPS 72, including anchor, arrival, and off-course alarms. You can also find your course back to any point using the patented TracBack mode, with capabilities for 2,048 tracking points. Additionally, with a standard GPS antenna with a built-in quad helix, you'll be sure to get consistent data, whenever you need it.

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