Gps 76

Written by Tadashi Moody
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For precise GPS positioning, the GPS 76 obtains and uses correction data. This data is obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System, or WAAS, and delivered to your unit. Designed with a built-in quad helix antenna, you can receive signals with accuracy of less than three meters.

GPS 76 Specifications

Additionally, the GPS 76 comes with 1MB of built-in memory. You can use this memory to store downloaded Points of Interest data, for quick access on your unit from MapSource® CD-ROMs. Furthermore, this memory is preloaded with worldwide cities containing populations greater than 200,000, to assist you in your sundry travels.

Also included in the preloaded memory are navigational aids, such as lights, buoys, sound signals, and day beacons. Additionally, you receive preloaded tide data for the United States, though the GPS 76 is only compatible with USA tidal stations. Sporting a 1.6 x 2.2" display, you receive a consistently clear view of all data, and a case by which to make the unit waterproof.

This unit will float if dropped in water, making for easy retrieval in case of slippage. It also comes with a wrist strap, for mobility and ease of use. Finally, the GPS 76 is packaged with a PC interface cable, to make your transfers easier, every time.

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